Bamboo Root Barrier for your garden bed


For those wanting to ensure your plants stay on your side of the fence, or want to put in an extra piece of mind, we stock root barrier in 600mm depths.  Available in 30m long rolls, but can be cut down to any length - cost listed is calculated per 1 linear m in length. See below for an example.

Bamboo roots are not very strong, but they can go under your fence if there is no physical barrier in the 30-50cm of below ground. 

Root barrier is installed with the textured side towards the roots. Simply trench and backfill.
  • Rippled surface helps retain roots
  • Holds mulch and prevents water run-off
  • Protects fences and walls.

The barrier can also minimises the damaging effects moisture can have on walls, paths, fences and underground services.

Made from 1mm flexible HDPE (high density polyethylene), non-toxic.

Note: There are two types of Root Barrier, one is smooth and the other is dimpled. We supply the dimpled root barrier as it is slightly more rigid, and the dimples will encourage the roots to go in another direction once in contact with the barrier.

Steps for installing Bamboo Root Barrier:

  1. Dig a trench around area. Dig to the Bamboo Root Barrier down to approx. 50cm, leaving about 10cm above ground level.
  2. Ensure you keep the rough side of the Bamboo Root Barrier to the outside, and the smooth side facing the bamboo. 
  3. If creating an enclosed area, you can loop the ends, linking them or overlap the material by 20-30cm.
  4. Back fill the trench with soil. Cover with your bamboo mulch... and enjoy your garden!


If you have a garden bed 5m long and 50cm deep/wide, then it is recommended you get 7m length if you want an open  C  shape - the length then a small wrap on either side. If you want an enclosed 0 shape, then you would be looking to buy 12m - which is 5m+5m+50cm+50cm+1m overlap.

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