Bamboo Pro Fertiliser Mini Packs - 8-9 Month Controlled Slow Release for Bamboo & Grasses


Size of bags

High analysis controlled release fertiliser (Bamboo Pro 8 - 9 month) contains a complete range of essential nutrients. Especially suitable for bamboo and grasses in ground and in pots and troughs.

The Bamboo Pro - Controlled Release Fertiliser Range, consists of a selection of professional grade fertilisers that contain industry leading concentrations of macronutrients (NPK), magnesium and a full suite of micronutrients (trace elements, TE's), all coated in a biodegradable resin with a pre-defined nutrient release profile.

Unfortunately, many of the cheaper supermarket or even hardware store versions of slow-release fertilisers contain a generally less desirable NPK & TE ratio, in order to reduce product costs and focus on more immediate quick greening (mainly nitrogen) as opposed to sustained and longer term plant performance. The Bamboo Pro - Controlled Release Fertiliser Range provides is a very high analysis fertiliser containing all the essential nutrients required for healthy plant growth and is suitable for bamboo and most other plant types including most lawns, flowers & ornamentals, trees including fruit trees, vegetable gardens as well as bonsai (at lower application rates). Bamboo Pro is suitable for use in pots, planter bags, raised garden beds and wide range of landscape applications.

The individual fertiliser granules are fully coated with a new generation matrix which provides constant and extended nutrient release (for 8 - 9 months) therefore helping growers avoid surges and leaching of important plant nutrients which belong in your pots or garden soil, not in our precious waterways.

Bamboo Pro is a professional grade product used widely by the nursery industry in Australia, particularly in the cultivation of perennial plants in pots and planter bags.

What we love about Bamboo Pro

  • High macronutrient (NPK) analysis
  • High micronutrient (Trace Element, TE) range
  • Sustained nutrient release profile (feeds plants for 8 - 9 months)
  • Nutrient release profile closely matches plant nutrient requirements
  • Nutrients maintained within the potting-mix
  • Suitable for a wide range of plants
  • Great value for money
  • Safe, reliable & easy to use

Product Details & Specifications

  • Bamboo Pro is packaged into resealable LDPE bags, plastic bottles or other suitable containers for ease of transport and use
  • The individual Bamboo Pro granules measure 2-4mm, however, small variations from this do occur

What am I Purchasing?

  • Bamboo Pro (8 - 9 month release), of selected pack size

Usage instructions & Recommended Bamboo Dosage

New planting

200mm pot = 35g per pot upon planting
300mm pot = 80g per pot upon planting
45L bag = 200g per bag upon planting

How to apply to new planting:
1. Once plant is in ground, backfill almost to top (2 inches/5cm) then apply fertilizer evenly to area.
2. Continue to backfill remainder of soil.
3. Water in and give a good minute drink.

Annual maintenance

Topping up your bamboo with nutrients is suggested every 6-7 months - best months in our experience to feed are early Aug/Sep & Jan/Feb. Fertilizer is best applied prior to a storm or expected rain to help soak it in.

How to apply to existing bamboo:
1. Remove top layer of mulch or organic leaves to expose soil. Keep mulch handy.
2. Sprinkle fertiliser evenly around base of bamboo. 
3. Water over top of fertilizer to settle (approx 1 min).
4. Reapply mulch that was removed in step 1.

Dosage for annual maintenance:

1-2 years old - 35g per plant
2-4 years old - 80g per plant
5+ years old - 100g per plant

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