How fast will my bamboo grow?

How fast will my bamboo grow?

One of the questions we’re constantly asked is – how fast will bamboo grow?

Well like anything this really depends on the species and the conditions it grows in. But as a general rule, you can expect a bamboo plant to reach it’s full height within 2-3 seasons and to maturity within 4-6 seasons. From there it will then continue to thicken out and become more lush.

What you’ll also notice is that as the poles grow, they will increase in size. So the larger the diameter the newer the pole is! So keep an eye on those new shoots coming up as you’ll notice they are increasing in size.

Bamboo likes lots of water, but to be well drained (remember be sure to water your bamboo to saturation for the first few weeks while it is establishing itself when first planted). For sandy and compact soil conditions you might find your bamboo grows on the smaller end of the scale. And for any in pots, the bamboo will grow to the size of the pot – keep in mind you’ll need to provide it more food and nutrients in a pot as it can’t get it from the ground.

Happy growing and please let us know if you have any questions!


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