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I’ve been loving the privacy screen between the bamboo orchid and the driveway. Thanks Matt and Sam.

Jim Planter

Wedding Gardener, Bamboo garden weddings

The yellow poles in our new China Gold job are just gorgeous. Thanks for taking the time to help us choose the right bamboo for our client. They especially loved how mature and tall they were.

Divine Smith

Landscape Gardener, Eastern Greenery

Show & Tell

We love seeing where your plants are growing!! Send us an image and a short description on type of bamboo and the time since you planted… and you could be in for a chance to win our prize of $150 each month!


25 x Malay Dwarf bamboo to help hide the neighbours fenceline


Gorgeous bamboo providing shade over public 


We also love being green

We also care about our environment. Our dam utilises 100% recycled water; which means that after we give our babies their daily drink, the water is then re-collected in our underground irrigation system and sent back to our recycle dam ready for tomorrow’s watering.

Set on 13-picturesque-acres, our nursery stocks over 100 different varieties of bamboo plants. As a matter of fact, that’s all we stock – bamboo. Which means that we get to be specialists and focus on getting the best quality product to your nursery centre or gardens.