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Timor Black (Bambusa lako)


Timor Black is a beautiful glossy dark brown bamboo with an occasional green poles. The most popular of the black bamboos, the Timor Black (Bambusa lako) grows idealy in frost free conditions.



Known for it’s chocolate black canes with lime green stripes, the Timor Black is one of the world’s most beautiful bamboos. It prefers a sheltered position, as direct exposure to the afternoon sun on the black canes will cause some sun-bleaching to occur. For this reason it is best protected from direct afternoon sun exposure. The canes are erect and really stand out among the stunning lime green leaves. A fantastic specimen bamboo for any garden.

This bamboo was sold in Australia for years as the similar and equally beautiful G atroviolacea. The main differences are Timor Black has a light green hairless striped shoot plus chocolate black culms whereas G atroviolacea has sooty black culms and dark hairy stripe-free shoot.

Black bamboo prefers to be planted in the ground rather than in pots, and compared to some other bamboos is on the slower growing side.

Shoots are edible.

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