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Contrary to popular belief bamboo is not a tree but actually a grass. Many know bamboo from what they have seen in the movies or maybe from a story and do not have a complete understanding of this amazing plant. Often this is what leads to may considering bamboo an invasive species that is uncontrollable, and thus never get to fully appreciate the beauty that bamboo can bring.

There are essentially two basic types of bamboo, commonly know as running and clumping bamboo. The runners are what have earned bamboo a bad reputation because they do just that…run! If planted unconfined in a residential environment these plants will certainly get out of control and new shoots will appear where you (and possibly your neighbours) do not desire! Clumping bamboo however is much easier and grows slowly outward in a circular, shrub like fashion – and are much more controllable because of this. So if you desire to grow some bamboo make sure you do your research and take the appropriate precautions before buying to ensure you are purchasing the right type of bamboo.