Sacred Bali Bamboo

Sacred Bali Bamboo

Schizostachyum brachycladum


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In our opinion the most beautiful bamboo in the world. Very erect gold/yellow green-striped long internoded culms are uninterrupted by branches until mid height where it breaks into a crown of huge light green yellow-striped slightly rough leaves. Young shoots are bronze-red with cup shaped reddish blades that contrast with the clean golden culms as the shoots elongate. The thin-walled culms are used for a multitude of handicraft and light building purposes including carrying and cooking containers, weaving, "skin rice" cooking and musical instruments. An outstanding ornamental.
  • Frost to: 3 DegC.
  • Origin: SE Asia
  • Typical height: 8-12m
  • Typical pole diameter: 50mm.

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