Phyllostachys heterocycla f pubescens


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This is the famous "Moso" eating bamboo with tinned shoots being exported to Japan. The plant was also exported to Japan in 1738 where it is grown in large plantations. The largest and most beautiful of the giant runners, its feathery forest of leaves is delicate and awe-inspiring creating a lovely silvery rippling effect in a wind. The culms are a grey/green colour with the feel and appearance of velvet. It also produces good timber although not as strong as the good clumpers and is extensively used for making kitchen utensils and hundreds of delicate objects such as baskets, lampshades, tea whisks etc. Approx two million hectares grown in China mostly in natural stands culled for timber. A very vigorous giant forest bamboo once it overcomes the slow development common to runners compared to clumpers. This bamboo may be planted in Australia as an edible shoot producing bamboo (so far only in small quantity). It is particularly suited to cold frosty climates (down to 15Deg C) and winter rainfall but also recommended for planting together with the tropical clumping shoot producers if you have irrigation because it produces shoots in late winter/spring instead of summer thereby extending the season. Plantations are slower to develop and more labour intensive than the clumpers.
  • Origin: China

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