Berry Bamboo

Berry Bamboo

Melocanna baccifera


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This unusual bamboo forms a wide spaced open clump (modified unicaespitose rhizomes). Erect straight culms form up to one metre apart. Its huge leaves (up to 30cm x 5cm) and the largest fruit of all bamboos make it individual. The fruit is an edible smooth pear shape up to 12cm x 6cm and 180gm with a fairly small central seed. (Most bamboos have seed not unlike wheat.) This bamboo is widely used for a great variety of activities. eg structures woven objects including mats hats baskets domestic utensils. Shoots are an important food in Chittagong even sliced and dried for off season use. They also brew an alcoholic wine from the leaves.
  • Origin: India
  • Typical height: 20m

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