Guadua angustifolia


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One of the best structural bamboos in the world, it's also claimed to be rot and insect resistant but is no more so than most superior bamboos if harvested and treated properly. Plantations in Costa Rica established ten years ago are being used to build thousands of government sponsored earthquake-proof bamboo houses. Very straight thick walled well spaced dark green culms with prominent (25mm wide) white bands at each of its closely spaced nodes. Thorny. Culms branchless for three to five metres with vivid light green medium sized leaves (we have two clones one narrow leafed and one broad). Dark red to light bronze shoots contrasting the new green internode during early growth. Spectacular when mature.
  • Frost to: -2 DegC.
  • Origin: South America
  • Typical height: 25m
  • Typical pole diameter: 200mm.

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