Bengal Bamboo

Bengal Bamboo

Bambusa tulda


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A fast growing often deciduous superior structural bamboo (tensile strength tested at 52,000 psi). It has large leaves on upper branches and fewer smaller leaves lower down. Fairly straight very smooth dark green culms. Edible slightly bitter shoots (often pickled) have spectacular bulging pale blue powder covered sheaths with wide green blades that flair out almost horizontal to the shoots surface. Used extensively for furniture, basket making and a wide range of household utensils and as concrete reinforcing. The sacred flute called Eloo used by the priests of Arunachal Pradesh is made from B tulda. It was exported to UK as Calcutta Cane for split constructed fishing rods.
  • Frost to: -2 DegC.
  • Origin: Origin : India, where it is a major source of paper pulp
  • Typical height: 25m
  • Typical pole diameter: 80mm.

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