Arnhem Land Bamboo

Arnhem Land Bamboo

Bambusa arnhemica


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There are two clones that differ sufficiently to be separate cultivars, one having pale beautiful iridescent green shoots and delicate small leaves and the other dark striped shoots and a longer leaf. The thick walled sappy culms turn orange as they mature and tend to shrink a lot but seem quite strong. Each grows in a region well separated from the other. These delicate pendulous clumps grow in profusion along water courses becoming partly deciduous in the monsoonal dry period. It's been used for thousands of years by our Aborigines (various uses include didgeridoo making long before hollowed eucalypt logs were used by more southern populations).
  • Frost to: 5 DegC.
  • Origin: Australia. This beautiful, thick walled substantial bamboo is only found in Northern Territory, Australia.
  • Typical height: 8m
  • Typical pole diameter: 100mm.

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